GRASSMEN Interior Kit_

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Perfect kit for interior cleaning!

We have teamed up with Chrome North West to bring you our first ever range of cleaning products.

Included within our interior kit is the following:

500ml Green (Designed uniquely for Grassmen, with the smell of fresh cut grass. Interior Cleaner - Green has a gentle cleaning action, superb finishing properties and a fantastic long lasting fragrance. It really is that simple - Spray, Wipe, Done!)

500ml Jelly (Air Fresher -Jelly Fresh is an air freshener that perfectly masks unpleasant odours, leaving a fresh, unique aroma of bubble gum. The product is extremely efficient, just a few clicks to let its smell accompany us in the car for a long time.)

500ml Mega Cleaner (Strong, general purpose cleaner for the removal of built in grime on exterior and interior of vehicle. Great on UPVC frames, Removes oil, grease and nicotine)

500ml Window Cleaner (A liquid glass cleaner for the removal of dirt, grease wax etc)

500ml Super Fabric Cleaner (Super Fabric Cleaner is a safe, non-toxic and highly effective agent designed to remove dirt from various types of fabrics. It works great when removing stains from rugs, floor coverings, armchairs and other material elements inside the car. Removes both unwanted stains and bad smells)

x2 Microfibre Cloths

x1 Interior Sponge

x1 Hanging Air freshener

x1 Dash Duster

x1 Drawstring Bag

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