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September 2016

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Ploughing 2016 Raffle Winners

    1st Place - Johnny Quinlan
    2nd Place - David Poyntz
    3rd Place - Donald Finnegan

    GRASSMEN TV - Country Crest, Episode 1: The Main Man

      Shot on the 1st September 2016, during what is an extremely difficult season, this episode of GRASSMEN TV takes a look into the life of Michael Hoey of Country Crest in Co. Dublin, Ireland. There are few words that can describe this man - the main one that springs to mind is 'LEGEND'. It doesn't get much more current than this. Coming up in the next episde, we talk machinery, but for now, take a seat and listen to Michael tell us about Country Crest, charity work he does and his attitude towards his employees - one every employer should adopt.

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