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mar 2018

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VLOG - Dublin to Mayo Charity Tractor Run

    Agri is our Culture - Andrews Journey from NI to Canada

      We're at the farm of Andrew Evans in Dungiven who has decided to sell up and start a new life in Canada with his family. This is just the start of a major new journey.

      GRASSMEN TV - Hunniford Energy

        We caught up with Richard Hunniford 2 years ago when he was at the maize... this was a tough year and 2017 became even harder.

        We felt it was right to go back and catch up with him again to talk about what had changed, including some nice new purchases (did someone say tracks!?) and a surprise on the way for this season...

        A closer look around Donkeys new pickup

          GRASSMEN TV - Thoughts on the TW-35 and TW-230 at A.L. Wilkinson Farming

            A look back to our time with A.L. Wilkinson Farming in Oxford last summer. Donkey and Gary tell us how they got on in the TW-35 and TW-230.

            We're not too sure if the TW-35 is the best tractor for hauling grain... www.grassmen.com #agriisourculture


            32 County Bale Challenge Extra Content - Massey Fever!!

              We caught up with Kevin Gribben @ McElderrys - who have supported us through the years, especially last season on the bale challenge, when they supplied us with a Massey for our Nicolle to drive for the week.


              Twist of Fiat Silage!!

                32 County Bale Challenge Extra Content - The Kubota & Kuhn

                  We are working on a short series of videos from our week on the Bale Challenge last year - getting owner and dealer perspectives on machines used throughout the challenge.

                  First up is 'Wee Pete' who drove the Kubota and his own Kuhn baler on the challenge, a machine that took a surprising amount of oil flow and genuinely tested the Kubota. What were his honest thoughts on the tractor now that it's all said and done?


                  Donkey got a new toy!

                    Check out a new toy that arrived at GRASSMEN HQ

                    GRASSMEN TV- Ryan Doherty Slurry

                      The 6480 doesn’t look as clean as she did in Rain & Grain! Donkey catches up with Ryan Doherty to chat slurry and future plans for Doherty Farm Services… Ideas have changed since Twist Of Fiat!

                      International Women's Day 2018 - Kirstie!

                        Throwback to Twist of Fiat where we showed off our GRASSWOMAN - Kirstie!

                        GRASSMEN TV- Eddie Gamble Slurry

                          We caught up with Eddie Gamble lately, who's recently taken a bit of a back seat while his 2 sons are in full flight with slurry spreading!


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