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September 2018

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    Krone invited us over to Berlin for the launch of the world’s most powerful forager, THE BIG X 1180!

    We catch up with Bernard Krone and Henrik Feldmann for the low down on their latest product!



    GRASSMEN - Kirstie Goes Back to School

      GRASSMEN TV - John Deere 9000 Series Walkaround

        This week we're taking a much more technical look around the new 9800i.

        Ross Skimming walks Donkey through the finer details of this mighty machine and gives us all a better understanding as to just how impressive it really is!


        GRASSMEN TV - The New John Deere 9000 Series (Overview)

          Donkey gets into the cab of the much anticipated John Deere 9800i and Harvest Territory Manager, Ross Skimming, guides him through this awesome piece of kit.

          With it's sleek new design and it's mighty Liebherr V12 engine pushing it forward there's more than enough reasons to get excited about John Deere's newest addition!


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