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January 2021

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A Season with the John Deere X9 - FREDERICK HARVESTING

    Olivia caught up with Sam Donaldson, who you may remember as the foreman from our DVD Frederick Harvesting. Not long back from the 2020 harvest he was keen to tell us all about the John Deere X9 1100 they had out on trial for the season. Special thanks to Sam and another member of the Frederick's team, Angus who spent the summer capturing an abundance of footage!

    Who else loves the sound of our Case Magnum 7140?!

      Lambing at the Barn!

        Lambing is in full swing at Loughview Farms where GRASSMEN HQ is based. Lexie takes Gazza through their lambing process and tells us a bit about her role on the family farm! ??

        Herron Trailer Service and test with AIR Services!

          Last week we done a test on the Broughan trailer and took a look at an old Herron trailer that Alwyn had in for a service! We followed him during the week and the various step it took to get the trailer in working order!

          Last summer with Daly Agri

            Towards the end of the silly season last year, Olivia called out to Daly Agri down in Co. Cork to catch them with all hands on deck at a variety of work while the sun was still shining!

            Two seasons of GRASS highlights!

              2019 and 2020 Grass highlights from Craig Moss featuring Speedy Farms, McCracken Farms, Hills, G.A Contracts, Moneynick Estates, Lagan Contacts, McNeil Farms and Neeson Agricultural Contracts.

              Our Thoughts on Our Merlo P27.6!

                You asked for it so here it is, Donkey and Gaz give their thoughts on our small but mighty Merlo P27.6 and compare it alongside its big brother at the barn, Farmer Gareths Merlo TF33.7!

                John Deere 7810 vs Fendt 820!

                  We saw how big of a following the John Deere 7810 and Fendt 820 had after our 'Choose your weapon' post on Facebook which had a very tight result between the two, so we've decided to put the two of them head to head over the next few months! Starting with weights and turning circle!

                  Let us know in the comments what jobs you would like to see them doing!

                  Bale Off Challenge!

                    Gerry6420 nominated Donkey for the Funky Farmers bale off challenge, while we were at it we thought it would be a good chance to show off a different way of unwrapping bales with the Tanco Bale Shear!

                    Get going Barry Reid and Evenflow!

                    Gerry6420: https://www.youtube.com/user/gerry6420

                    AIR Services puts the Broughan to the test!

                      We took the Broughan Engineering Limited trailer up to A.I.R Services to put it through the commercial trailer test and see how it got on and Alwyn gives us a look around an older Herron trailer that is in need of some TLC!

                      Demoing an ArmaTrac with McMullan Agri

                        Local dealers McMullan Agri have recently taken on the ArmaTrac brand and were keen to get our perspective on the mighty wee tractor that may look small but still has plenty of flash for little cash!
                        Thanks to the guys at McMullan Agri for working with us and for the lend of something different to join our fleet for a few days!

                        Herron Engineering is seeing in the New Year with some serious style!

                          A quick one just introducing Herron Engineering's new Triaxle H2 Dump Trailer with some fantastic new features. Who wants to see us get a proper look around this piece of kit?

                          Thanks to William Herron for the footage!

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