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September 2021

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Strautmann Magnon 430 at Barn Silage!

    Pat Kenny from I A M Agricultural Machinery was back out at HQ with a Strautmann Wagon, only this time with the bigger Magnon 430. We hooked it up to the big 7310R to see how it go on!?

    D.J McKay & Son Test The 420S and Pottinger Rake!

      We called back out to D.J McKay and Son to let them test the new Pottinger Top 1403 rake along side the 420S!


      Harvest at Waldersey Farms!

        We called back to Waldersey Farms to check out their massive harvest operation! Olivia got chatting to Andrew about how their new John Deere X9 combine was performing in the wheat, as well as venturing out to see Ben put the John Deere 9RX to work in some tough ground with his massive cultivation train.

        The John Deere Mowing Dream Team at Beatties!

          The John Deere 7810 equipped with the Tanco Triple Mowers joins Beatties John Deere 7530 and 6400 in dropping their third cut silage!

          City of Derry Young Farmers 'Back to the Future' Charity Event

            City of Derry Young Farmers are running a 'Back to the Future' 24hr ploughing and charity day. Their little 60 year old Fendt Farmer 1Z is going to plough as much as it can in 24hrs before being auctioned off in aid of Air Ambulance Northern Ireland! We couldn't miss the opportunity to help them 'see' it through!


              We had Paul from Pottinger back out with us again only this time he had a different beast with him, The massive TOP 1403 C 4 rotor rake. We couldn't resist the opportunity to hook it up to The Hornet and see how it got on! ?

              Ervine Plant LTD

                John Ervine from Ervine Plant LTD talks us through the two JCB’s they lent us to try out! Along with everything else involved in their business.

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