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Slurry with Lyons Contracts!

    Last week we called out to see Lyons Contracts in action at slurry! We got chatting to Andrew about the gear they're running and the latest changes to the fleet this season!

    Moss Contracting

      Olivia called out to Frazer Moss of Moss Contracting to find out what got him to start his business and how he's progressed to where he is today.

      A big thankyou to James Pugh Photography for supplying the footage of the drilling taken last year.

      Hooftrimming LTD & their slurry outfit

        After spotting their new tanker being built in the Conor Engineering factory late last year, we were kindly invited out to see it in action alongside the rest of the impressive Hooftrimming LTD slurry operation.

        Donkey catches up with Sam from Frederick Harvesting

          Donkey catches up with Sam from Frederick Harvesting to find out what has changed for the crew since our DVD was filmed. A big thanks to Sam, Angus, Nick and the team for capturing the footage of the 2020 harvest!

          Slurry with Alastair Dale Contracts!

            We took a spin up to Glenariff to see Alastair Dale Contracts out at slurry! We're used to seeing Alastair around the barn with his pipe system but we couldn't resist calling out to see his other rig and just listen to that TM!

            First day of slurry season with Hunniford Farms

              On the first day of the slurry season we grabbed a chat with Richard from Hunniford Farms and got a look at one of their outfits in action!

              Thanks to Farming Aerial and DS Photography NI for supplying the photos and footage captured during the 2020 harvest at Hunniford Farms!

              A Season with the John Deere X9 - FREDERICK HARVESTING

                Olivia caught up with Sam Donaldson, who you may remember as the foreman from our DVD Frederick Harvesting. Not long back from the 2020 harvest he was keen to tell us all about the John Deere X9 1100 they had out on trial for the season. Special thanks to Sam and another member of the Frederick's team, Angus who spent the summer capturing an abundance of footage!

                Last summer with Daly Agri

                  Towards the end of the silly season last year, Olivia called out to Daly Agri down in Co. Cork to catch them with all hands on deck at a variety of work while the sun was still shining!

                  Two seasons of GRASS highlights!

                    2019 and 2020 Grass highlights from Craig Moss featuring Speedy Farms, McCracken Farms, Hills, G.A Contracts, Moneynick Estates, Lagan Contacts, McNeil Farms and Neeson Agricultural Contracts.

                    Wilson Farming make a start on Miscanthus

                      We managed to catch up with Tony from Wilson Farming just before Christmas, as he got not one, but three harvesters chopping into the Miscanthus a bit earlier than usual!

                      DonkeyCam - DJ McKay & Son Shed Walkaround

                        While out on their delivery run for GRASSway couriers, the lads stopped in to deliver a big bag of fan mail to James McKay. They couldn't resist a look around his machinery sheds while they were there!

                        Kirstie finds out Barry Read's Impressions on the New Holland T6.175

                          One from the archives! This video was previously only available to those who bought an earlier issue of our magazine where they we given codes to unlock extra content. We've decided to make this one available to everyone. After all who doesn't want to see a bit of grass over the Christmas weekend!

                          Kirstie catches up with Barry Read as he's hauling grass with the New Holland T6.175 to get his thoughts on the Dynamic Command tractor.

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