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GRASSMEN Christmas Special: Gamble Bros 11 Years On!

    It’s hard to believe it’s been 11 years since Gamble Bros featured in our 'FULLA THE PIPE' DVD. We decided it was time for a bit of a catch up, so we followed them throughout the 2021 season to bring you this feature length picture of how this immaculate contracting fleet has grown and evolved with over a decade of time passing! Jonny and Matthew Gamble chat us through the then and now of Gamble Bros and what the future holds for the business! Merry Christmas and enjoy!

    Kirstie's Best Moments - DONKEY CONTRACTS

      Our favourite Kirstie moments from Donkey Contracts!

      Frederick Harvesting - Donkey Cut

        Wrapping up our DVD rundown series, Donkey looks at our latest DVD Frederick harvesting! It was always Donkeys dream to head out to the states and witness the 1000 mile harvest!

        The team travel stateside to meet Lance Frederick and his crew who operate 10 combines in a bit to Harvesting the grain that feeds the world!


        Agri is our Culture - Donkey Cut

          One slogan that rings through now more than ever is “Agri is our Culture”. At GRASSMEN we are dedicated to the agriculture industry and farming community. The next DVD in our rundown series was filmed in 2018 we named this DVDs after our slogan; Agri Is Our Culture!

          Armed with our new truck and a Demo 630 Krone we wanted to call back and revisit Killen Bros and McConaghy contracts to see how things have changed for them - we also introduce you to one of Northern Irelands largest agricultural contractors, Wallace Contracts, and speak with Glynn during a busy maize season. #AgriIsOurCulture #SupportOurFarmers

          Rain & Grain- Donkey Cut

            Who has been in every county in Ireland? Who has bailed bails in every county of Ireland? This week Donkey looks back at Rain & Grain, the journey of the TW35 and one of the wettest years for the team.

            Armed with a New Holland T 315 and a new Herron low lower we travelled to every county in Ireland in one week, baling 100 bales in each county and donating the money to charity!  Fed up with the rain Donkey and Gaza take the TW35 and 230 over to Alec Wilkinson so see how the TW would do drawing some grain! Back home at GRASSMEN HQ the rain never stopped, but the grass needs done. The team take on the challenge of old vs news as we borrowed a few old machines from Michael Hoey we look at what has changed in 30 years of chopping grass!


            Twist of Fiat - Donkey Cut

              2016 the year that a spark was lit at the heart of GRASSMEN! In this video Donkey recaps the DVD Twist of Fiat! The journey of the Fiat 110-90, the GRASSWOMAN took control of the silage at GRASSMEN HQ releasing some of our old favourite tractors to help with the process!

              Donkey caught up with Eddie Gamble and Ryan Doherty, two contactors who feature on GRASSMEN TV… Can you spot what these two have in common? This DVD also introduced Michael Hoey of Country Crest. A true legend, gentleman and inspiration to Donkey and everyone at GRASSMEN!


              Westbound And Down - Donkey's Cut

                “There’s nothing that can mow like a Big M. Nothing on this earth” A quote from a real legend Bob “The Gaffer” McConaghy. Donkey looks back at the DVD Westbound and Down a three-part contractor visit that takes the team all over Ireland.

                Jumping back into the interviewer seat Donkey chats to The Killen Brothers, one of the hardest working band of brothers in the industry. Martin “The Ice Man” Becket and his operation located in the west of Ireland, with some of the most challenging conditions and McConaghy Contracts one of Northern Ireland’s longest established and respected fleets, with three generations of the family now involved working in areas of outstanding natural beauty on Co Antrim’s famous north coast!


                Donkey Contracts - DONKEY'S CUT

                  Donkey takes a look back at one of our most ambitious DVDs to date. Off the back of Wilson Farming GRASSMEN was making a name for itself.

                  The big players in the industry were taking notice and Donkey found a new confidence that resulted in a 'no fear' approach to the companies he had always idolised. This new attitude resulted in the building blocks for what would become Donkey Contracts.

                  The range of kit we we found ourselves working with was on a whole new level and although it was challenging at times it was extremely exciting to be able to work with so many different manufacturers. Donkey Contracts also seen us welcome our first ever GRASSWOMAN, Kirstie Ward. She very quickly proved herself a vital member of the team and her popularity with our fans went beyond what we could have ever anticipated


                  Wilson Farming - Donkey's Cut

                    Donkey takes a look at the entire Wilson DVD series.

                    This was GRASSMEN'S first go at a documentary style production and we wanted to prove that we could show the serious side of agricultural whilst still having a good time!


                    Two Legends and a Donkey - Donkey's Cut

                      Two Legends and a Donkey was easily one of our most popular DVDs.

                      This one was full of craic from the start but behind the scenes it certainly wasn't all plain sailing. Donkey lets us in on the highs and lows of filming one of our most challenging productions to date.


                      Old School - Donkey's Cut

                        Old School was a DVD originally aimed at the older generation however we soon came to realise that classic machinery has a place in all sorts of hearts both young and old.

                        In this production we go back to Luke Furse and his team finding out what they like to do with their spare time. We also attend a world record attempt with a difference in Dunmore and we introduce our fans to Cyril Hanna, a man with a passion for classic Masseys. Enjoy!


                        DVD Rundown- Keep er Lit and Sustain The Flame

                          Up next on our rundown series the team visited Luke Furse in Devon to create two DVDs Keep er Lit & Sustain the Flame!

                          So much going on with this agricultural contracting and earthmoving business there is something for everyone in these DVDs! This is also where we found the Legend that is ‘Mad Mike’!


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