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Twist of Fiat Silage!!

    GRASSMEN TV- ‘Rain & Grain’ Machinery Lineup- Part 4 The Harvesters!

      Find out how Donkey got on in the ‘custard chucker’ as we take you around the FR650 and 1900s harvesters from Rain and Grain!


      GRASSMEN TV - 'Rain & Grain' Machinery Lineup - Part 2: Tractors & Trailers

        Part 2 of our series taking a look at the machines we used in our latest DVD, 'Rain & Grain'.

        We take a closer look at the tractors and focus on the four different trailers produced by local manufacturers. 'Rain & Grain' available now at www.grassmen.com.


        Rain & Grain Outtakes - Everyone needs a wingman...

          Silage season is coming, get your wingman/woman trained right ;)

          Rain & Grain Outtakes - #mandown

            Everyone gets caught out from time to time...

            GRASSMEN TV - 'Rain & Grain' Machinery Lineup - Part 1: Mowers & Tedder

              The first in a series of videos looking at the machines we used in our latest DVD, 'Rain & Grain'. This episode takes an in depth look at how the New Holland T7.315HD performed with a set of Krone triple mowers.

              We also take a look at a Pottinger tedder and see if Gary enjoyed mowing with a two-wheel drive Ford 7810. 'Rain & Grain' available now at www.grassmen.com


              VLOG - 'Rain & Grain' Extra Content

                We have lots of GRASSMEN TV content on it's way. These episodes were captured during the filming of our new DVD, 'Rain & Grain'.

                Rain & Grain - Cotton Eye Joe!?

                  One of the bands supporting the Farmers Bash are most well known for their classic tune - Cotton Eye Joe. We decided to put some clips from our latest DVD to this song. Enjoy!!

                  NEW DVD -'Rain & Grain' - Pre Order Now!!

                    Pre order our latest DVD Rain & Grain now on our website!

                    Available first week of December 2017


                    GRASSMEN TV - Twist of Fiat Extra Content: 110-90 Turbo Installation

                      In this episode of GRASSMEN TV, Donkey and Kirstie bring the Fiat down to Armstrong Machinery in Co. Dublin to finish her off in time for filming 'Twist of Fiat'. All she needed was the turbo to be fitted!

                      EN TV - Twist of Fiat Special: Krone Swadrow TC880 Walkaround

                        In this episode of our Twist of Fiat TV Series, Donkey does a walkaround of the Krone Swadrow and voices his opinion of the rake we featured in our latest DVD 'Twist of Fiat'

                        Cross Engineering Chaser Bin

                          We caught up with Gary Cross who for his school project designed one of the most impressive chaser bins we have ever seen!
                          This features in Twist of Fiat along with one of his customers opinions on the machine.

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