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Marshall Agri Contracts

    With the ban lifted, we called out to Marshall Agri Contracts to catch them at their first couple of days into the 2022 slurry season!

    DRAGRI-SPEC - Puma 185 vs Fastrac 4220

      DRAGRI-SPEC - Puma 185 vs Fastrac 4220

      The Puma and the Hornet are well matched, but who will take the crown?

      A J Armstrong & Sons LTD and their Hidromek business

        We called up to A J Armstrong & Sons LTD to hear more about how their Hidromek business was going for them, and to follow the progress of a Hidromek 390 bound for ARC Quarries!

        SlurryKat Factory Tour

          This week we visit the SlurryKat factory! Garth talks us through how the business has developed, their manufacturing processes and how they plan to take their brand to the next level with their new R&D facility!

          DRAGRI-SPEC - NH T7060 vs Ford 8970

            DRAGRI-SPEC - NH T7060 vs Ford 8970

            If only blue will do, which blue will cross the finish line first?

            DONKEYCAM - How do you move 200 John Deere tractors in one go???

              We're back in Germany with Donkey but what is he up to this time??

              Out with HAC Ltd beet harvesting!

                We took a trip to Cambridgeshire to visit Harrison Agricultural Contracting to see their Holmer Terra Dos T4-30 harvesting beet. Olivia got chatting to Nigel about how they got into the beet harvesting business and what made them go with the Holmer brand.

                What's new at DJ McKay & Son?

                  Donkey and Gazza called around to DJ McKay & Son to have a look at their winter project!

                  Catch up of Frederick's 2021 Season

                    We caught up with Sam and Disco from Fredericks Harvesting to find out how the 2021 season faired out before they head back again for the 2022 season!

                    Case IH LB436 Baler

                      We called out with Cian from Case IH to take a look at the new LB436 baler in action! Olivia got the lowdown on the new features around this new model including hydraulic suspension, start up clutch and new knotting system!

                      Donkey & Gazza on the long draw with Gamble Bros

                        Donkey and Gazza visit Gamble Bros to help out with a long draw in the Fastrac and Smyth Trailer!

                        Gazza in Austria

                          Gary is off on another adventure. Delivering some special cargo to Austria with John Parker International. We also get a tour around their new custom built drag trailer.

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