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Moover - It's all about throttle control

    Get her up!

    Moover - Geronimo!!!

      Save changing trailers when opening the maize field

      Moover - S-h-1-t

        Spreading dung with a Bunning.

        Moover - Keep her lit!

          ...listen to that Deere purr

          Moover - Flash the lights

            Moover - No fear, Wilky's here

              More grass lifting from a big JD fan.

              Moover - Pretty Fly?

                Lessons in how to run the clamp when fed by a Big X...

                (Mind that wall on your right)

                Moover - Wholecroptastic

                  The shiniest outfit on the road (they didn't know the camera was coming)

                  Moover - The Right Shade of Green

                    For those of you who thought we weren't JD fans

                    Moover - Top Grass

                      Maverick & Goose on another adventure in the NI hills.

                      Moover - One of those days

                        BigX at the grass, not all plain sailing but when she wants to boogie, she really can dance!

                        Moover - Little & Large @ the silage

                          Farmer Joe Bloggs compared with contractor Mr Big at the start of the 2005 season when it was nice and wet :)

                          PS - spot how to fill your own load

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