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Chrome: Jelly Bean Wash

SKU: chrome-jellybeanwash
Chrome: Jelly Bean Wash SKU: chrome-jellybeanwash

We have teamed up with Chrome North West and are now offering a range of cleaning products. These can be purchased as one of our kits or individually.

Jelly bean wash is a highly concentrated, PH neutral vehicle wash that is wax and sealant safe. When used in small quantities and highly diluted jelly bean wash still provides excellent suds and ease of use.

Rinse of loose dirt first, pour approx. 50ml of jelly bean wash into a empty bucket and top up with the required amount of water, cold or warm.
Apply with a wash mitt or sponge and rinse off with clean water then dry with a towel or chamois

PH neutral product

Available in: 1 Litre.

Chrome: Jelly Bean Wash

Chrome: Jelly Bean Wash 1 Litre


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