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Beet Harvest with G H Davies Farms Ltd!

    In this video, we visit G H Davies Farms Ltd during their beet harvest. Tom learns how to operate the Holmer T4-30 beet harvester and finds out how its features makes the machine a nice place to work from a drivers point of view.

    From Britain to the Pacific, JCB are GLOBAL!

      JCB is pushing on down under. Donkey gets chatting to John from CEA about the popularity of the JCB brand in the Pacific.

      Milking Cow's in The Alps

        This week, Donkey is in Italy visiting farmer Hannes. Milking cows and clearing ski slopes, seems a pretty good way to live!!

        A Global Phenomenon

        Moover Limited is the company which owns the fast-paced global phenomenon GRASSMEN brand, whose video content and merchandise are recognised worldwide. The business was started in 2009 by current director Gareth Gault, known to his fans as ‘Donkey’.

        It was Gareth’s love and passion for machinery that allowed him to experiment with cameras and upload video content onto YouTube and to his surprise a large following soon developed. Realising the niche in the market for real life documentary farming action, Gareth wasted no time in driving the brand forward.

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