Can't Stop Won't Stop! Film

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Our latest film release is now available to order in physical DVD format or digital download! 

At the end of 2022, GRASSMEN went Down Under. From flooded plains to steep terrain, we uncover the challenges, machines, and people, who are pushing on and tackling the Beast of a country which is Australia. Join us for the journey. 

Sam Monk established the empire that is Monk & Son Agricultural Services in 2009 and now operates in 4 states in Australia. From direct drilling to harvesting to earthworks, Monk & Son has and continues to expand beyond expectations, accepting jobs up to 17 hours' drive away from his yard in Cobden, Victoria. “We get excited when we go to an 800-hectare job, but we sure don’t forget about those smaller 40 or so ones. I won't say no - I will not let people down...You can have all the gear, all the idea, but without your customers backing you, you can't do anything.” 

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