Who are we and what do we do are questions we are asked regularly, so please join us for the next few moments as we give an insight to our brand GRASSMEN.


Moover Limited is the company which owns the fast-paced global brand, GRASSMEN, whose video content and merchandise are recognised worldwide, which is hard to believe for a small company located in the outskirts of Ballymena. The business was established in 2009 by current director Gareth Gault, known to his fans as ‘Donkey’.

It was Gareth’s love and passion for machinery that allowed him to experiment with cameras and upload video content onto YouTube and to his surprise a large following soon developed. Realising the niche in the market for real-life documentary farming action, Gareth wasted no time in driving the brand forward.

The key feature of Moover Ltd is that we endeavour to keep as many of our enterprises in-house and year on year as the business has grown, more functional areas have been created. We now have a senior management team, a full editing team, embroidery team, retail and sales team, shipping team and operations team. It may surprise you but we send parcels regularly to many different countries including Norway, Australia, America and Sweden and we are proud to have our own flagship retail store in Ballymena.

Firmly believing that we need to get out there and meet our customers in their own backyard, we have grown and developed an extensive mobile exhibition display, including articulated lorry retail trailers. While Moover Ltd is an official registered International Haulage Company we have kept third party haulage to a minimum in order to facilitate the growth of GRASSMEN which came to the forefront in 2010.

It is our in-house nature that allows us to have control of the quality, consistency and integrity of every product we produce and the service we provide. As well as the production side of the business we pride ourselves on being very charity minded. We are great believers in doing as opposed to just giving.

Meet Our Team

From the very beginning it has been a firm belief of our Director and Senior Management Team to always try, where possible, to give something back to our customers.

We would like to highlight a few examples from over the years:

  • Make A Wish foundation - £250,000 raised over eighteen months. This was a fantastic achievement for the whole company.
  • The Smiles Foundation Romania Road Trip - We are great believers in doing and not just giving. Shortly after our Director's son was born, he decided we needed to do something special. So, Gareth and Gary loaded up Eva-Rose and headed off with a load of hospital beds to a disabled children’s hospital just outside Oradea, Romania.
  • Cancer Fund for Children and Ronald McDonald House 32 County Bale Challenge - 32 counties, 5 tractors, 1135 miles, 6 days. €60,000 raised.
  • Countless goodie bags and personal appearances over the years have been carried out by many members of staff.
  • Helping Hand - We helped raise £66,266.82 through Hannahs 24 hour PICU walk.

At the heart and forefront of our business ethos is a belief in giving great customer service and building long standing relationships with our customers, however we prefer to call you guys our fans! As a company we strive for high standards as set out in our mission statement, aim and objective.

Mission Statement: Promoting agriculture with the intention to educate, entertain and encourage.

Vision: To drive the passion for agriculture globally.

Objective: To provide quality, consistency and integrity with every product and service we provide.

As a company we are VERY proud of the fact that we have just celebrated our 10th Anniversary and with the support of our fans and a fantastic team of staff behind our brand we cannot wait to see what the next ten has in store!

Best Wishes,

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