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mar 2023

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No Power Like Blue Power Brennan Farms @ Slurry

    After a perfect February, March came in and the rain didn’t stop! Brennan farms took full advantage of the first dry day in a long time to put out some slurry, Craig got chatting to Liam Og about their slurry outfit and how they balance milking 500 odd cows and doing some contracting on the side!

    EcoLog machines thinning woodland with Home Forestry!

      In this video, we head out into a forest in Shropshire to see EcoLog machines at work. Tom chats to Nathan about his forestry business and why thinning woodland is important. Scott also gives us a insight into the features of a EcoLog harvester and forwarder.

      From Cow Juice to Produce

        Craig is at Glastry Farm in Co. Down where they make their very own ice cream. Join Will and Gareth Taylor, the father and son duo, as they show us their farm set up and how we go from milk to yummy ice cream.

        McCormick X7.621 Tractor ~ HJR Agri Ltd

          In this video, we look at the new McCormick X7.621 tractor on demo from HJR Agri Ltd. Tom chats to James Pennington, who gives us his opinion of the machine from a farmer's point of view. Salesman, Dan Roberts also gives us an insight into the new features of this tractor.

          Snow power like Blue power!

            After the snow fell we took to the roads to see how the backroads were being cleared! We got chatting to Martin who tells us how he got into the snowploughing and about how important a job it is!

            John Deere 7530 Getting Dirty at the Slurry!

              Following up from last year at the grass we took a visit out to Chris Thompson & Neil Finnegan, Craig got chatting to Neil about their slurry outfit and of course their beefy 7530!

              Kirk Contracts at slurry!

                In this video, we head out to see Kirk Contracts flat out at the slurry! Tom chats to Thomas Kirk about his outfit and how the season is going for him so far.

                Talking Poo with Big Jimmy

                  This week Donkey caught up with James McKay at slurry. The guys get talking about the business of the season, machinery, and the importance of having a good team around you.

                  Slurry with Ryan McMullan

                    In this video, we head out to see Ryan McMullan flat out at the slurry! Craig chats to Ryan about his set up and what machines he is currently running.

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