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D.J McKay & Son Test The 420S and Pottinger Rake!

    We called back out to D.J McKay and Son to let them test the new Pottinger Top 1403 rake along side the 420S!


    Harvest at Waldersey Farms!

      We called back to Waldersey Farms to check out their massive harvest operation! Olivia got chatting to Andrew about how their new John Deere X9 combine was performing in the wheat, as well as venturing out to see Ben put the John Deere 9RX to work in some tough ground with his massive cultivation train.

      The John Deere Mowing Dream Team at Beatties!

        The John Deere 7810 equipped with the Tanco Triple Mowers joins Beatties John Deere 7530 and 6400 in dropping their third cut silage!

        Peacehill Farm

          We travelled over to Fife in Scotland to catch up with Hamish at Peacehill farm. He talks about the different crops they sow and why they choose Rye as a main feed for the digester!!

          Millman Contracting Demoing the Albutt Folding Push Off Buckrake!

            We called out to South Devon to see Paul Millman of Millman Contracting and watch their JCB 435S working a new Albutt folding push off buckrake! ?

            Stuart Partners tuck into rye!

              We caught up with Troy Stuart from Stuart Partners Ltd. to find out how they were getting on with their new Krone Big X 1180 after changing from the Claas 970 Jaguar, and how the rye season was going for them.

              Barry Read puts the McCormick to the test

                We took the McCormick over to our good friend Barry Read. He gives us his thoughts on the "Dark Horse” and tells us what else has changed in Read Agri Contracts!!

                R&G McKnight Demo the Smyth Supercube on the Case 185!

                  The Smyth got another run out at second cut this year, this time over to R&G McKnight on the back of their Case Puma 185 piloted by ModelFarmer.co.uk! We got chatting to Gavin about his thoughts on the trailer and whether it would be capable of handling the tight yards he sometimes works in!

                  DONKEYCAM - The McCormick & Smyth head to Wilsons!

                    We took the McCormick and Smyth trailer for a spin out to Wilson Bros Contracts to give them a hand during silly season!

                    Claas Xerion in its 15th season

                      We called down to Cleet (Trevor Thompson) to chat with him about the Claas Xerion, which JD Townleys & Son are running for its 15th season. He tells us all there is to know about this machine. Will it last another 15 season’s??

                      JCB TM420S at Beattie Farms!

                        We didn't take long getting the JCB TM420S a job, Samuel Beattie was itching to give it a try as they run a TM320S as part of their outfit! We caught him and Hanna contacts at Samuels’ farm as they were putting in some second cut and got his thoughts on the new machine!


                          We couldn't head out for second cut without paying a visit to see Killen Bros. and their new Krone 1180 harvester! ? We took the opportunity to bring the Hornet and the Smyth trailer up and even got the Supercube hooked onto the 8s for a day! Jonny Killen chatted to us about what made them take the plunge on the 1180 and other changes with their fleet since we last caught them at silage! What a set up these guys have! ??

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