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D.J McKay & Son Test The 420S and Pottinger Rake!

    We called back out to D.J McKay and Son to let them test the new Pottinger Top 1403 rake along side the 420S!


    The Smyth And the 420S Visit Carsons' Farm

      We took the Smyth Trailer and the JCB 420S out a visit to Carson's Farm to see how the big 8330 Fastrac handles the Smyth and if the 420S can keep up with the 434 JCB!

      Donkey Puts the JCB TM420S to the Test at HQ!

        Donkey try's out the JCB TM420S during second cut at HQ, he tests how it handles the wider 710 tyres on the pit and takes on the wagon grass with a MDE Triton X 12ft buckrake!

        Mark tries out the new McCormick X7.624

          The guys bring the McCormick out to there good friend Mark who already runs older generation McCormicks. Will there be a new McCormick in Mark’s yard next season??


            The guys took a run up to local tractor dealers Slemish Tractors, while they were there they couldn't resist a nosy around the sheds to see what tractor could be joining the GRASSMEN fleet next! ?

            Donkey and Gazza Take the JCB Fastrac to the Scottish Rye Harvest!

              We were invited over by Peacehill Farm to see their rye harvest near Fife in Scotland. Donkey and Gazza couldn't resist bringing the 4220 and Smyth trailer to see how she faired against the Stewart Roadkings and the steep Scottish hills! ?

              All New Pottinger Jumbo Wagon

                Gazza tries out the all new Pottinger Jumbo Wagon as Second Cut is well under way at HQ.

                The 820 has a go on the Tancos!

                  We put the Tanco triples to the test on the Fendt 820 and Gary gave us his verdict on how well the combination worked.

                  DONKEYCAM - The McCormick & Smyth head to Wilsons!

                    We took the McCormick and Smyth trailer for a spin out to Wilson Bros Contracts to give them a hand during silly season!

                    DONKEYCAM - The Case 1455 XL masters the Slurrykat

                      With our Limited Edition Case 1455 merchandise launching this weekend, we decided to get the old girl out spreading slurry with the 3000 gallon SlurryKat!

                      DONKEYCAM - We're into second cut!

                        The mowers are out on the JCB Fastrac & Fendt 820 so Donkey gives us a quick run down on this weeks plan for silage!

                        Buckraking at the barn

                          Gary tests out the new 5 tonne front linkage using the ProDig push off buckrake. He also gives us his thoughts on the K-two trailer we had on the Fastrac!

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