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August 2017

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    We noticed a few comments saying our 315 front tyres looked a bit soft. We had her specced with top of the line Michelin Axiobibs out of the factory, which have flexible sidewall technology. We had Chris from Michelin come out and set them up for roadwork as her job for the season was to haul the TW around.

    He explains in this video why they look soft, and why this is a benefit to your pocket in terms of diesel consumption and length of life from the tyre! With the wet weather, would you rather wide tyres, or large diameter rims with 'soft' tyres on it? Remember to grab a ticket for the TW at grassmen.com


    GRASSMEN TV - Country Crest Silage!

      We love to get down to see Michael Hoey of Country Crest, and we have featured him previously on GRASSMEN TV as well as our latest DVD 'Twist of Fiat'.

      He is most well known for getting out on his combines, however we couldn't miss the chance to see him at grass - something not too often seen on the grounds of Country Crest Farming Michael has a love of old school machinery and his silage outfit is no different. I wonder if we can borrow a few bits off him for our own grass? grassmen.com/tv




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      On location with A.L.Wilkinson Contract Farming in Oxfordshire



      VLOG - On location with A.L.Wilkinson Contract Farming in Oxfordshire

        On location with A.L.Wilkinson Contract Farming in Oxfordshire


        GRASSMEN TV - Armstrong Machinery Harvest and Tillage Demo Day

          Check out our latest GRASSMEN TV episode as we catch up with Charles at Armstrong Machinery's demo day


          GRASSMEN TV - John Deere 6250R | Nutts Corner Racetrack Demo

            We recently attended a John Deere demo day at Nutts Corner Racetrack, hosted by Johnston Gilpin.

            Donkey had a look at the new Command Pro in the 6250R while Gary tried out the auto track feature in the 6215R.


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