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May 2020

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Frederick Harvesting - Donkey Cut

    Wrapping up our DVD rundown series, Donkey looks at our latest DVD Frederick harvesting! It was always Donkeys dream to head out to the states and witness the 1000 mile harvest!

    The team travel stateside to meet Lance Frederick and his crew who operate 10 combines in a bit to Harvesting the grain that feeds the world!


    Fastrac lends E Gamble & Sons a hand

      Gary gets called up with the Fastrac and K two trailer to help out E Gamble & Sons with a long draw! Donkey sets up a little surprise for him back at HQ then follows up to see how the JCB handles some challenging ground conditions!

      Donkey Mowing in the Valtra T234 with McHale Pro Glide Butterfly Mowers!

        Donkey took the Valtra T234 and McHale Pro Glide Butterfly Mowers for a test drive and met up with DJ McKay Agricultural Contractors to help them with a few tricky fields.

        Please Note: Donkey and Gazza have undertaken filming duties at this time!

        JCB Fastrac 4220 with 4000 Gallon Herron Tanker!

          Gazza got a lend of Eddie Gambles Herron VAC 4000 gallon tanker to spread slurry at GRASSMEN HQ. We think Donkey is getting a bit jealous!

          Please Note: Donkey and Gazza have undertaken filming duties during this time.

          Agri is our Culture - Donkey Cut

            One slogan that rings through now more than ever is “Agri is our Culture”. At GRASSMEN we are dedicated to the agriculture industry and farming community. The next DVD in our rundown series was filmed in 2018 we named this DVDs after our slogan; Agri Is Our Culture!

            Armed with our new truck and a Demo 630 Krone we wanted to call back and revisit Killen Bros and McConaghy contracts to see how things have changed for them - we also introduce you to one of Northern Irelands largest agricultural contractors, Wallace Contracts, and speak with Glynn during a busy maize season. #AgriIsOurCulture #SupportOurFarmers

            JCB Fastrac 4220 and Schuitemaker Rapide 125 Wagon

              Gazza hooked the Schuitemaker wagon up to the Fastrac 4220 to help finish off the first cut of grass here at GRASSMEN HQ.

              Please Note: Donkey and Gazza have undertaken filming and editing duties during this time!

              3650 Repair and Mowing with the 1365

                After the leak during baling the other day, Gazza and Donkey got Baby Donkey, our John Deere 3650, fixed up and sent her out mowing at GRASSMEN HQ. We thought we'd take this opportunity to show Baby Donkeys journey through the years here with us.

                Please Note: Donkey and Gazza have undertaken filming and editing duties during this time!

                Demoing The Fastrac 4220 and Ktwo Compact & Push Trailer at R. Irwin Ltd.

                  Gazza takes the Fastrac 4220 and Ktwo Compact & Push trailer to Richard Irwin's to help with the silage!

                  Please Note: Donkey and Gazza have undertaken filming and editing duties for the time being, as you can tell Donkey is very pleased with his work!

                  Rain & Grain- Donkey Cut

                    Who has been in every county in Ireland? Who has bailed bails in every county of Ireland? This week Donkey looks back at Rain & Grain, the journey of the TW35 and one of the wettest years for the team.

                    Armed with a New Holland T 315 and a new Herron low lower we travelled to every county in Ireland in one week, baling 100 bales in each county and donating the money to charity!  Fed up with the rain Donkey and Gaza take the TW35 and 230 over to Alec Wilkinson so see how the TW would do drawing some grain! Back home at GRASSMEN HQ the rain never stopped, but the grass needs done. The team take on the challenge of old vs news as we borrowed a few old machines from Michael Hoey we look at what has changed in 30 years of chopping grass!


                    Baling at GRASSMEN HQ

                      It's friday and we're taking it back a notch. The guys have been trying out the Pottinger Impress baler on the 3650 and Donkey couldn't resist getting the wee Deutz out a run too on wrapping duties. Lets see how they got on!
                      Stay tuned to the end to see what annoyed Gary so badly ?

                      Our First Outing with the Ktwo Compact and Push Trailer!

                        The Ktwo Compact and Push Trailer finally gets put to grass!
                        Donkey and Gazza have gathered up the cameras again and joined Alastair Dale Contracts to put the Ktwo to the test alongside the mighty New Holland FR. How will it fair with the small fields and tight gates around Broughshane and how much more grass can it really hold?

                        Powerharrowing with the Fastrac!

                          We borrowed a 5 metre Kuhn powerharrow from Wallace Contracts in Newry to give the Fastrac 4220 another challenge. This time there's not a weightblock in sight ?. Is she up for it?

                          Thanks again to RJ and KD McLean (tractorsandplant.com) for lending us the 4220. Go and check out their website to see their impressive range of machinery!

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