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July 2018

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VLOG - McConaghy Contracts & The Royal Welsh Show

    An update from Donkey as we catch up with McConaghy Contracts during the filming of our next DVD.

    Also, a reminder that we'll be at the Royal Welsh Show next week (23rd-26th July) where you can grab a limited edition GRASSMEN polo shirt! www.grassmen.com #AGRIisourCULTURE

    GRASSMEN TV - New Holland FR920 | Noonan Agri Contractors

      Back in May, we caught up with Noonan Agri Contractors and their new New Holland FR920 in Cork.

      How did it perform, and how do we think it will shape up against it's competitors? www.grassmen.com #AGRIisourCULTURE


      VLOG - Updates from GRASSMEN HQ

        FTMTA Pottinger Catchup

          GRASSMEN TV - Setting Up For A Show | Royal Highland Show 2018


            A behind-the-scenes look at what is involved in setting up for a show here at GRASSMEN.

            We followed the team during the run up to the Royal Highland Show as they sorted clothing & merchandise, washed machines and made the journey from GRASSMEN HQ to Edinburgh with our new truck! www.grassmen.com #AGRIisourCULTURE

            FTMTA 2018 | Armstrong Machinery Catchup

              Donkey caught up with Charles Hutcheson of Armstrong Machinery at FTMTA this year to talk about the familiar looking 110-90 on the stand, and where the New Holland T7.315HD went...


              FTMTA 2018 Teaser

                Highlights from this years FTMTA...


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