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January 2019

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McConaghy Contracts - 70 Years in Business

    Grassmen have been following McConaghy Contracts for a few years now and Donkey has been a fan for as long as he can remember but for Bob 'The Gaffer' McConaghy and his family contracting is a way of life and has been since he and his brother bought their first tractor and started the business 70 years ago.

    Thanks for watching and congratulations to Bob, Robert, Andrew and the team at McConaghy Contracts on this major milestone in business! You can learn more about McConaghy Contracts in our DVDs 'Westbound and Down' and 'AGRI Is Our CULTURE' both available online at www.grassmen.com.


    GRASSMEN TV - Kirstie catches up with Pottinger

      We sent Kirstie to Porters Open Day to meet up with Paul from Pottinger, and get an insight into what they have to offer beyond the usual silage implements.


      Project Tractor - John Deere 4755 Restoration | Part 2 - Hitch

        Part Two of the restoration of the John Deere 4755 sees the addition of a brand new bespoke hitch by Hand Engineering.

        Were we able to deliver on Alec's recommendation of adding steering to this old girl? #AGRIisourCULTURE www.grassmen.com


        Project Tractor - John Deere 4755 Restoration | Part 1 - Mechanical

          With the John Deere 4755 now fully restored, we take a look back at the mechanical work done by Alec Wilkinson to get her running as normal and put her to the test on a 7-furrow Kverneland plough. #AGRIisourCULTURE www.grassmen.com

          GRASSMEN TV - Mitsubishi L200 Towing Fuel Test with Donnelly Group

            We put 3 Mitsubishi L200's to the test to see how efficient they are when loaded up to their maximum 3.5T towing weight. Could they handle our 'Jeep destroyer' GRASSMEN trailer?

            Jason Pollock, Sales Manager at Donnelly Group, tells us a bit more about the benefit of running a pickup as a company vehicle.



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