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Can a Fastrac GRIP?

    It's well known that JCB Fastrac are considered a transport tractor. Well since it's pretty quiet and we have a 4220 to play with Donkey and Gazza have decided to carry out a few tests to see if the Fastrac is indeed a Tractor.

    Please note Donkey has taken on the filming role for these challenges. So no professional cameramen were injured in the shooting of this video!


    Wilson Farming - Donkey's Cut

      Donkey takes a look at the entire Wilson DVD series.

      This was GRASSMEN'S first go at a documentary style production and we wanted to prove that we could show the serious side of agricultural whilst still having a good time!


      DONKEYCAM - New Toys!

        We let Donkey and Gazza out of our sight for a few days and look what appears at GRASSMEN HQ!

        The guys give us a look at their new toys. A JCB Fastrac 4220 and Ktwo Compact and Push trailer. Roll on silage season so we can put them to the test!
        Also, we apologise for the sound quality here and there. These two forgot to put on mics. We're going backwards without the editing team!

        Two Legends and a Donkey - Donkey's Cut

          Two Legends and a Donkey was easily one of our most popular DVDs.

          This one was full of craic from the start but behind the scenes it certainly wasn't all plain sailing. Donkey lets us in on the highs and lows of filming one of our most challenging productions to date.


          Old School - Donkey's Cut

            Old School was a DVD originally aimed at the older generation however we soon came to realise that classic machinery has a place in all sorts of hearts both young and old.

            In this production we go back to Luke Furse and his team finding out what they like to do with their spare time. We also attend a world record attempt with a difference in Dunmore and we introduce our fans to Cyril Hanna, a man with a passion for classic Masseys. Enjoy!


            DVD Rundown- Keep er Lit and Sustain The Flame

              Up next on our rundown series the team visited Luke Furse in Devon to create two DVDs Keep er Lit & Sustain the Flame!

              So much going on with this agricultural contracting and earthmoving business there is something for everyone in these DVDs! This is also where we found the Legend that is ‘Mad Mike’!


              Support Our Farmers

                Do you know where your food comes from? Do you check the packaging for source of origin?

                This week we teamed up with Johnston Gilpin & Co ltd and JD Townley & Son in Islandmagee to help raise awareness in support of our farmers as key workers and highlight the importance of supporting them, not just amidst this crisis, but even when life returns to normal. We have one of the safest and transparent food production systems in the world. Support it. #supportourfarmers #readthepacket #buylocal


                Green Fever - Donkey's Cut

                  *Filmed Before Lockdown*

                  In the third episode of our DVD rundown series, Donkey looks back at Green Fever, a DVD that went in a different direction compared to the previous, one he wanted to focus more on the people and how no matter where you go they all have the same passion for grass. Featuring Troy Contracting, Read Agri Contracts and McKelvey Harvesting.

                  GRASSMEN TV - Mark Troy Agri Services

                    We catch up with County Cork native, Mark Troy, and his new Claas 980.

                    Mark is an accountant by trade, but there's no doubt that he suffers from 'Green Fever'...



                    Fulla the Pipe - Donkey's Cut

                      *Filmed Before Lockdown*

                      In the second episode of our DVD rundown series, Donkey looks back at the DVD he believes kick started GRASSMEN as we visited Gamble Bros, McKavanagh Bros and Porter Contracts.

                      Donkey lends a helping hand at the scene of an accident

                        Trucks are vital to keep our country running but sadly accidents do still happen. Thankfully no one was hurt in this incident!

                        Donkey was drafted in to help AIR Services and Agnew Recovery today with this major recovery job. This is an example of the vital work that still has to continue through the tough times we face at the moment. Stay safe everyone!


                        A Chat With Barry Read of Read Agri Contracts

                          **FILMED BEFORE LOCKDOWN**

                          Donkey and Gazza took a trip to Fermanagh before the lockdown to have a chat with Barry Read of Read Agri Contracts about some new machinery around the yard and the struggles they have faced so far this year with the weather and floods on the farm.

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