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Moover - Keep her lit!

    ...listen to that Deere purr

    Moover - Flash the lights

      Moover - No fear, Wilky's here

        More grass lifting from a big JD fan.

        Moover - Pretty Fly?

          Lessons in how to run the clamp when fed by a Big X...

          (Mind that wall on your right)

          Moover - Wholecroptastic

            The shiniest outfit on the road (they didn't know the camera was coming)

            Moover - The Right Shade of Green

              For those of you who thought we weren't JD fans

              Moover - Top Grass

                Maverick & Goose on another adventure in the NI hills.

                Moover - One of those days

                  BigX at the grass, not all plain sailing but when she wants to boogie, she really can dance!

                  Moover - Little & Large @ the silage

                    Farmer Joe Bloggs compared with contractor Mr Big at the start of the 2005 season when it was nice and wet :)

                    PS - spot how to fill your own load

                    " data-imageid="">

                    Moover - Chopping wet grass

                      Silage being hauled out in half loads in June 2005 when things were wet and sticky. Watch out for the man who know the limits of his Manitou ;)

                      Moover - Bukraking with style

                        Watch one of the best on a JCB shovel push a load of grass every minute from two harvesters (with a little help from his mate :)

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